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Hasselblad’s Hunt Engelska

Datum: Lördag 17 nov 2018 - lördag 29 dec 2018

It’s a game. It's a quiz. It's a race against the clock. It’s you vs. the city. Solve the clues, find the locations, and use our Polaroid cameras to complete challenges. Compete with others as you race around the city - then be the first team back with the highest score! Brilliant fun and hugely rewarding, the 100 Point Challenge is a two-hour adventure in beautiful Gothenburg where you take home memories, and polaroids too.

Hasselblad’s Hunt is a perfect intermediate level game if you are mix of locals and expats, or Swedes not from Gothenburg. It will definitely test your knowledge but ensure everyone is involved! Hasselblad’s Hunt is our most active game – where you cover the most distance walking.

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